Atlas Flag


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released August 7, 2015

Music and lyrics by Sarah Rossy

Piano/Voice: Sarah Rossy
Violin: Frédéric-Alexandre Michaud
Viola: Victor De Coninck
Cello: Karine Bouchard
Drums: Natalie Yergatian
Guitar/Mandolin: Evan MacDonald

Recorded by Sebastien Perry at Planet Studios in Montreal, Canada
Mixed by Sebastien Perry
Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound in Montreal, Canada



all rights reserved


SHYRE Montreal, Québec

SHYRE is a creative collaboration launched by Sarah Rossy in 2013. SHYRE's lush strings and angelic harmonies combine in a soundscape often described as ethereal and innocent in a marriage of orchestra and pop.

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Track Name: Flamme
tongues are tied with salt from the sea
bodies limber, weep o’ willow tree
croon and sway, memoir in wreath
singing, “when will we be free?”

fumée sombre coule sous mes doigts
cendres, elles cachent l’afaiblissement
ame calme durant ce froid
chantons quand on débarquera

once I fell and once I died
into fever, worlds collide
sentimental, true and tried
singing, “why oh why must we cry?”
Track Name: Sailing
tear-stained green eyes chromatically descending
framework memories ceasing all pretending

our ship is sailing to the sea
but I feel that I am drowning
anchors to the bed below
cry in humble haunting

unleaven moons have come and gone amidst the village silhouette
future visions flailing on by having so much more to give, and lest we forget

why must we cry?

cross my heart and burn my will on streets paved of desire
navy skies and perfect still-shots of what once we thought was fire
Track Name: Atlas Flag
subterranean fears, miles below, miles away
the anguish that was lost faces peril for a day
sequestered origins hide below, hide away,
laced in a frost, use your fists as paperweights.

I see it, I see it now
what lies ahead, is already
I see it, I see it now
as leader of the lost I raise an atlas flag

unadulterated poise through my soul, through my veins
a stone cold wall is a nursery and a grave
incandescent victories are figments, fragments
but filaments of shame in an apricot sky
I hear the sirens cry

ooh, but I can dig and dig and pry
but the truth, the bitter truth, will still slip by
ooh, I need a fix from something alive
to reassure and relent from feeling the poison
behind the curtain
I'm undeserving
Track Name: Let Go
shimmering shades of heart
splintering shards of the knife that has torn us apart
casting shadows in the glow of your skin

so now I sit here in darkness, paper thin
hoping keys will comfort and rays will shine through
but I'm seeing mirages of you

let go

hope encompasses my mind
redefining my meaning of "all right"
and I wish I could show you the notes, the words, the songs

but all is lost, all has ended
beyond this cross road we've pretended
and I wish I could rotate to rights from my wrongs

let go

I don't know what this means,
who we are
where we'll go

I want to feel your warmth again
but time has ticked and fate has clicked
it's not me who will make it to the end

so I let go
Track Name: Sunday
we just lie here watching clouds play
paint a picture in the grass,
and you whisper in my ear
"I think we're gonna last"

one touch
warms us faster than the sun's blush
like a blanket overhead
keeps feelings free of sorrow
from yesterday, till tomorrow

two of us
drifting in and out of woeless lust
in this field of memories
sparks moments of perfection
dusted with autumn leaves

and someday
all the suffering will fade to grey
as we look toward the skies
I'll get lost in your eyes
oh, sweet wonders

and you kiss me till the sun goes down
and you grab me and you spin me round
and you hold me till the morning sun returns

you say
"cheers to memories that will float our way
like our kite dancing above"
as if to shyly say,
"I think I'm falling in love"